Keep Your Relationship Vibrant and Sexy

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Deciding to form a committed relationship with someone is an important step. I am a strong advocate of spontaneity but I also believe you should be clear about what it entails in the long-run. This way, you will avoid committing some of the most common mistakes that plague so many couples.

If you subscribed to my Newsletter, you read about the case of Olivier who re-ignited the flame in his marriage. We established a 45 days coaching program to re-create the lost attraction in his relationship. No later than yesterday, he and his wife enjoyed a proper date and they woke up this morning with a Honeymoon feeling they had not experienced in years.

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Sex Positions for Avoiding Pregnancy

26As a sex and relationship therapist, I hear a wide range of questions, and some of the most common come from men who want to experience all the joys of bareback sex without the risk of getting their partners pregnant. For instance, I most recently heard from a client who had been told (by a cousin, it seems) that having sex while standing up was a “safe” position.

Since there seems to be an ongoing belief in the idea of sex positions that can prevent pregnancy, it is worth reviewing the facts about this common myth. When a man ejaculates, he releases a small amount of semen – no more than a teaspoon or two – but this seemingly tiny amount of liquid contains anywhere from 200 million to 300 million sperm cells. This semen travels at about 28 miles per hour, which is a considerable speed given the short length of a woman’s vaginal tract, and with this level of thrust, it doesn’t matter whether a woman is standing up, lying down, or standing on her head. Now, it only takes ONE of those cells to penetrate a woman’s egg and get her pregnant during her fertile period, and once the sperm are inside her, there is always some chance she will get pregnant. Therefore, the hard truth is that there is simply no such thing as a safe position for pregnancy prevention.

In fact – and most men don’t know this – it is not even necessary to have penetrative sex or to ejaculate inside the woman for her to get pregnant. Even if the man does not actually have an orgasm, a small amount of semen leaks from his penis during arousal – the clear substance most guys refer to as “pre-cum.” Even this can contain a large number of sperm cells, and (although it is less likely than during penetrative ejaculation) these can be introduced to the vagina on a fingertip, or even on a man’s simply rubbing his tip on the outer edges.

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Are You Aware Of the 10 Secrets to Save The Relationship?

25Do you know how to make your woman happy? If you want to get back the love and save the relationship, discover these 10 tips to make your woman content and make her that way always.

1. Always be yourself. Putting up a front may work when the relationship is still new as you are trying putting your best foot forward but this may not be effective as your relationship progresses. A lot of men surmise and feel that they are not good enough to obtain the woman they covet; and this lessens their morale. But do you know that confidence is a sexy characteristic that gives you a natural appeal? A confident man oozing with sex appeal and self-confidence is more effective than just good looks or a sexy body. Women feel protected and secure being with a man who is not hesitant to show his real self to others. Being yourself and confidently manifesting it rids you of hang-ups and makes you act naturally.

2. The small things have more importance. Do you want to get back the love and save the relationship? Offer to take her to her dance classes or buy her a bar of her favorite chocolates. Or surprise her with a cup of her favorite cappuccino. Your woman will love these little things that you can do for her. It is not the grand gestures which impress women most; it is the little things you can do that overflow with thoughtfulness that will make her swoon with delight.

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Facebook Added New Relationship Status Options For Gay Community

24The two new statuses that the people in the U.S. can choose from are, ‘in a domestic partnership’ and ‘in a civil union’, and the move is expected to go well with the LGBT society. Currently, the options available are ‘In a relationship’, ‘Engaged’, ‘Married’, ‘It’s complicated’, ‘In an open relationship’, ‘Widowed’, ‘Separated’ and ‘Divorced’ and these new options would be added from today itself. “This has been a highly requested feature from users. We want to provide options for people to genuinely and authentically reflect their relationships on Facebook,” said a spokesperson from Facebook. The website has also initiated several LGBT-supportive campaigns recently and to check the growing teen suicides in the gay community, Facebook joined hands with Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD). The campaign is targeted at ending anti-gay activities on the web.

Reactions to the update

The experts are double-minded on Facebook’s move and while some feel that it is in sync with the changing times, others feel it is uncalled for. Also, the move has not gone too well with some married gay couples and they said that simply posting married, was more than enough for them. The relationship status up gradation policy is also termed unjustified by many, as gay marriages are still not legal in most parts of the world. The GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios said, “Being able to see same-sex couples in civil unions and domestic partnerships who celebrate their relationships no differently than married couples will serve as another reminder that these couples still lack the same legal recognition and protections associated with marriage.” “Facebook’s noteworthy move also highlights the vast majority of same-sex couples living in states where there are no legal protections whatsoever,” he added.

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Give Reasons to Keep Your Relationship Alive For Women Only

23Do you know a recruit for the “What Happened Club”? She’s person who is scratching her head while her boyfriend broke up with her over the phone. She can’t figure out what happened and what went wrong. She and her friends are gathered together and the relationship is reviewed over Cosmos and old movies. Sadly, she still doesn’t realize what happened to her relationship. You know her? She’s you. Welcome to the club.

It’s horrible when you realize your relationship is on the rocks. You sit him down to talk about the problems. The relationship isn’t bad; it’s only a few small problems in the relationship, right? You see it as fixable, he sees it as over. Why is there such a difference?

The obvious answer is that men and women think differently. Think of it this way…you think your talk moved your relationship into repair mode but he thinks you wasted your breath. You pleaded until your knees were raw. He, instead, ignored the problem and agreed to whatever you had to say. In his mind, he has already emotionally checked out and declared the relationship is over. He may hang out physically for a few more days or months but in time, he will go.

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